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NFTs from this limited collection double as membership cards to a worldwide learn-to-earn social education network by Continuum. Membership is open! Get your Kn0wbot on now.


Our goal is to help people acquire the skills they need to participate and thrive in the future of work (ahem, freelancing).


Instead of raising venture capital, we are dropping this collection of NFTs to invest in the completion and growth of our platform so that we may serve the one billion people who will be freelancing by the end of this decade.

Why buy in?

The educational landscape is changing dramatically. Many young people want to pursue creative and independent careers, and there are endless opportunities for those with the desire, grit, and know-how.

Students bring their purpose and grit to the platform. Continuum provides training, mentorship, and social motivation.

With our NFTs, you get dope as hell collectibles, access to our network, community, and iOS and Android apps.

Continuous learning is an increasing necessity. Ongoing platform development is mandatory to meet the needs of modern students while also providing incentives and sharing profits with learners and creators.

All people deserve access to education and resources that could potentially change their lives.

Successful technology products need knowledgeable, experienced, and talented team members. 

Modern students are encouraged to keep learning through instant gratification that social education platforms provide: incentives and blockchain-powered rewards.


Winter 2020
The beginning.

The vision for Continuum was hatched. The initial platform concept was created.

Spring 2021

Jamey (prominent Gen-Z creator) joined as a co-founder to help grow the platform on Instagram and TikTok.

Summer 2021
Gen-Z Guide to Freelancing.

Our 100-page guide launched on Product Hunt with over 6K signups, 13K referrals, and an active user increase from 5.7K to 23K.

Fall 2021
Education pivot.

Huge interest in the Gen-Z Guide called for a pivot to education. Continuum.xyz was born, providing accessible, social, and rewarding experiences for Creators and Learners looking to own their digital careers.

We are looking towards the future of work. 


October 2021 – NFT launch & Continuum Beta (NFT holders only)

December 2021 – Platform Beta 2.0 (NFT holders only)

Q1 2022 – Platform Soft Launch with rewards for top creators

Q2 2022 – Continuum platform main net launch


NFT Designer
André Gonçalves

Product designer, illustrator (and occasionally spoon carver).

Founder & CEO
Jason Curry

15 years freelancing and mentoring designers, developers, marketers and copywriters. 2x app studio owner with clients such as Goldman Sachs, Nest, Fitbit, F*ck Jerry, +more. Dad joke connoisseur 🤷🏻‍♂️

Founder & CD
Jamey Gannon

Self-taught designer, social strategist, and Creator in the creative space since the age of 16. Obsessed with her cats and rockhounding.

Matt Watts
Software and blockchain engineer. Former Amazon Alexa team lead. Professional card player, sky diving instructor.
Head of Content
Olivia Hoskin

Writer and course designer. McGill Grad & MBA. Former Crew.co, Dribbble, and Unsplash. Long-distance runner, fan of good coffee and craft beer.


We are a utility NFT where holders can earn special perks on Continuum, our Discord, and vote on the next steps of the platform ✍️

Continuum is a learn-to-earn social education platform for Students and Creators. We are championing the future of work and helping to make education accessible for everyone.

Our NFT drop is October 18! 🚀 🌝

The price for minting is 0.123 ETH 💎 

Minting will take place on OpenSea. The NFT generated will be an ERC-721 token on Ethereum Mainnet 🔗

Throughout our sale, we will be holding raffles and giving out prizes. We have been building the community at Continuum for the past 6 months and plan to grow support for it, and any new Learners, Creatives, and NFT holders. 

We will provide exclusive access to speakers and events, perks from our Partners, and exclusive access to Continuum-related functions.

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Absolutely! Get t-shirts made, print them, make derivatives and enjoy! All rights belong to you while holding. As soon as your Kn0wbot is sold, the rights are transferred. 

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Please let us know! Send your message to the #💬discussions channel of our Discord or find us on social media (@Continuum.xyz) with any other questions. 📬

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Pre-sale launch 11/04/2021
Public launch 11/05/2021
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