Are you a Startup Founder?

Congrats on being a startup founder, it takes a lot of determination to go all in and build a brand of your dream.

As a startup, we know how hard it is to build a product that people love and use. Through this short guide, we hope to help founders build the empire that they want.

Continuum for Startup Founders

Who are we?

Continuum is the free, learn-to-earn social network for education wherein learners and content creators earn cryptocurrency and NFTs by learning (through short-form content), engaging with the community, and growing and improving the network.

We are building the world’s first-ever Learn-to-Earn platform focused on creatives and short-form content. Our vision is to be the go-to global vocational school and community for the next generations of remote learners and workers and our mission is to democratize creative education and pave new pathways to financial freedom through our community-owned platform.

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How can we help you?

1. Reach more people with Continuum

We collaborate with startups and brands to share educational content and information about their product through our platform. These are brand-sponsored educational content, we are often compared to Coinbase Earn where people earn crypto to learn about web3 companies and protocols.

We know that users are tired of receiving endless ads on social media thus we switch things up by providing them with a highly rewarding learning experience as they discover brands like yours on our platform.

2. Exploring web 3 with Continuum

Learners on the app earn $UMM tokens for watching content, bettering themselves, and engaging with the community. With these tokens, users are granted utility and governance in the platform; meaning they’ll have a say in the decisions surrounding the product and community. This allows creators and learners to capture the value they are creating for the network and its users rather than having that value passed along to a centralized company.

To put it simply, when someone completes one of your courses. They get rewarded for their efforts.

3. Run an event with Continuum

There are many benefits when it comes to running virtual events. Our community is constantly filled with new creatives and freelancers and they are interested in discovering companies that can help them with their professional journeys. The magic is in the ability to connect with others in real time without being in the same place.

Interested to find out more?

Schedule a call with our founder right now! We want to help startups and brands reach more people through our platform.

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