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Continuum is a web3 marketing platform that helps you increase revenue, engagement and retention.
Continuum for brand or business
Step 1

Create a course, quiz or survey

Create course for brand or business
Step 2

Add a reward: NFT, tokens, a discount code

Add course reward for brand or business
Step 3

Embed code on your website

You can embed a single course, a learn section on your site or an entire learn page.
Embed code to website
Continuum for brand or business

Metabeat case


Quick Case Study

With Continuum, MetaBeat paid only $0.20 for every user who completed their 6 minute course about the platform prior to their KuCoin token launch, greatly increasing awareness for them!
Continuum for brand or business

How Continuum delivers ROI

Sharing educational content increases the likelihood of purchasing.
Onboarding customers while also reaching a broad audience.
Increases customer satisfaction scores
Reducing support costs
Improves product adoption
Lead generation
Strengthens loyalty with your customers



$49/mo for 1 course
  • Embed code to place your courses, quizzes and polls anywhere
  • Payout rewards in stablecoins, your own token, or 3rd party tokens.
  • Distribution of content in our discovery network and mobile apps
  • Proof of completion NFT and/or choice of several CTA options
    • Discount/promo codes
    • Email subscribe
  • Ticket support
  • Cancel anytime
$49 per month billed annually

We are supported by some of the world‘s most
pioneering operators and progressive funds

Shima Capital
Tess Ventures
Cogitent Ventures
GST Ventures
Angellist Venture
The Octalysis Group
Balaji Srinivasan