Web 3: how content creators can monetize?

By Brian Wong / 3 Min Read

How are you making money in Web 2?

In the current landscape, most content creators make money by partnering with brands or by selling stuff both online or offline. There is a never-ending debate about how content creators don’t own their social media accounts, causing them to be concerned about their careers. Content creators are also constantly “fighting” with other creators to monetize their content.

Web 3 offers more ways for content creators to monetize their careers. When entering the web 3 space, content creators could consider three different approaches.

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  1. Selling NFTs

There are many types of NFTs. Content creators can choose from fractional NFTs to Soul-bound NFTs depending on their business and audience. NFTs allow creators to set up royalties which can translate into a form of recurring revenue.

It is important for creators to clearly define the value they are offering their supporters before they launch an NFT project. We published an article last month about how artists can explore NFT space, consider reading the article before planning your NFT project.

  1. Create a social token or a personal token

In order to raise funds to build out products, many DAOs have issued tokens through crowdfunding projects. In a similar manner, creators can issue tokens to create their content (think large-scale content) or create a group for their loyal fans (token-gated communities).

Introducing Coinvise, an open platform on Ethereum that enables creators to build social communities based on tokenized assets. For creators who want to create their own token, Coinvise provides an extensive resource library.

To learn more about social tokens, read this guide.

There are many kinds of content creators in 2022. Different content creators could leverage different web 3 technologies to help them monetise their careers.

  1. Become a creator on our platform!

We are the first social education platform that allows people to earn as they learn. We are always looking for content creators to create educational content that’s actually useful and valuable for professionals, creatives, and hobbyists alike. Currently, we have creators creating educational content on digital marketing, branding, freelancing and we are also seeing different demands through conversations with the community.

Read this article to get to know the creators who are created content on our platform!

Our platform offers creators the opportunity to earn up to 500 gems for uploading quality content. Gems are our in-app virtual currency, which can be converted into $UUM. $UUM is our cryptocurrency token based on the ERC-20 standard. We are currently working on our tokenomics and will release more information about it soon.

In the future, creators on Continuum will be able to sell premium content or services directly to their fans and followers.

  • Sale of tangible items such as ebooks, cohort courses, workshops, etc.
  • Paid video responses to questions learners ask of you. You can set your own price.
  • Premium access to gated parts of your community within the Continuum app.

Our mission is to democratize education and create new pathways to financial freedom through the pixelated economy. You can think of Continuum as Instagram or TikTok, for education, and owned by the creators and learners on the platform.

Continuum is very excited to be onboarding the next generations of learners and creatives to the future of income, work, and ownership.

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