The benefits of Continuum’s Expert Answers for Experts.

By Brian Wong / 4 Min Read

We are excited to see an increasing number of experts and learners utilizing our latest feature, Expert Answers. With Expert Answers, experts and learners alike can take advantage of personalized guidance and advice from experts in their fields. This feature has been designed to create a more engaging and collaborative learning experience for our users. Not only does it help learners build their knowledge and skills, but it also helps them establish valuable connections within their industries.

We believe that Expert Answers is a game-changing feature that will enhance the learning experience for our users. It is available to every “experts” on our platform, regardless of their location or size of following. We encourage all users to take advantage of this feature and unlock the full potential of Continuum.

How does Continuum’s Expert Answers work?

To start using Expert Answers, experts need to update the Continuum app to the latest version. For iPhone users, visit the Apple App Store. For Android users, go to the Google Play Store.

Search for “Continuum” and hit the “Update” button if available.

  1. To get started, open the app and click on your dashboard. We have created a guide to walk you through how Expert Answers work. You can swipe through it to learn more about our new feature or continue reading this article.
  2. Next, access your profile page. You will find a button labeled “Answer Questions.”
  3. Click on the labeled “Answer Questions” to start replying questions from your audience!

Benefits of Using Continuum’s Expert Answers

There are many benefits for experts who use Continuum to build their business, which we will share below in no particular order:

  1. Build a community: By engaging with learners and building relationships, Expert Answers help experts foster a sense of community and collaboration among learners on Continuum. This can lead to a more positive and supportive learning environment.
  2. Increase engagement and build trust with learners: The Expert Answers feature enables a more interactive experience between experts and learners. This can result in increased engagement and a more loyal community.
  3. A better understanding of their learners: Experts can use Expert Answers to get to know their learners better by learning about the topics they are interested in and the questions they have. This can help experts generate new ideas for courses.
  4. Increase Sales: Experts on Continuum can host cohort-base courses, and sell digital products on Continuum. Experts can use expert answers to provide answers to their learners questions related to their upcoming cohort-course or digital products directly on our platform.

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How can Continuum Experts increase the number of questions asked by learners?

If you’re an expert looking to maximize the benefits of Expert Answers, we suggest implementing the following strategies to start receiving more questions on your profile:

  1. Create more content on Continuum: Experts should focus on generating content that encourages discussion and interaction, such as short courses on different topics. This would allow learners to ask questions and receive answers from experts, thereby enhancing the learning experience.
  2. Invite your audience to Continuum: Are you currently creating content on a different platform? Consider inviting your audience to download Continuum and ask questions using Expert Answers. For every successful invite, we’ll reward you for your efforts.
  3. Ask for it on Social Media: Being direct can sometimes be the best approach. You can create a post on your preferred social media platform and ask your followers to submit questions using Experts Answers. If you tag us, we will also help you share your post.
  4. Interact with our community: Our community is active on Telegram and Discord. We encourage experts to engage with our community members, as they may find inspiration or even potential customers through these interactions.

In conclusion, Expert Answers is a new feature that offers personalized guidance and advice from experts to learners. It fosters a sense of community and collaboration, increases engagement and builds trust with learners, and helps experts understand their learners better. Experts can increase the number of questions asked by learners by creating more content, inviting their audience to Continuum, asking for questions on social media, and interacting with Continuum’s community members.

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