Start educating your community first

By Brian Wong / 3 Min Read

How are you educating your community? Or do you jump at any chance to sell your products?

The current issue

We are all tired of the ads we face every single day. From the increasing costs of reaching more customers through major media outlets to thousands of other ads competing for the very same attention. Do we really expect customers to remember every products or service that is advertised?

It is critical for startup founders to understand why they should educate their customers. Customers might not be as knowledgeable as the founders are in their field. Educating customers on a startup’s product could help customers understand its value. Customer education is all about helping them get the most out of the product.

There are many ways startup founders can go about educating their customers. We will share 2 ways in which early-stage startup founders can start educating their customers in this article.

2 ways early-stage startup founders can educate their customers

We ran a poll on our social media channels a few days ago to find out whether people would rather read articles or complete courses to learn how they can use a new product.

Here are the results of the poll ran on our Instagram story:

Reaching over 433 accounts, we received 52 votes on Instagram.

The results were really close and it tells us people are open to reading articles and completing courses to help them understand a product better.

Writing articles to explain the product

There are many similarities between articles and courses. Both of these have to be interesting, easy to consume, have the ability to provide information, and clearly understandable.

One of our followers said an article should cover potential problems a user would face and provide instructions on how one could solve them on his own would be most useful.

Startups can consider running a poll to find out if their community prefers reading articles over completing courses before creating any content.

We recently published a course on Continuum on how to write an online article. Startup founders are welcome to complete the course to begin educating their community.

Create courses to educate customers on the product.

Customer training can take up many forms.

By offering a course, founders can onboard, educate, and reward their customers all at once. Creating a course can be a tedious and difficult process for some founders however Continuum can help founders with the process.

Continuum is a web3 marketing platform that uses education to help early-stage startups grow or onboard onto web3. Through our unique learn-to-earn model, we reward communities with gems for taking courses related to different brands. Startups can also choose to reward users with their own tokens on our platform.

In Conclusion, startups should educate their community before anything. If you are looking to use education to activate your audience, schedule a call with us to find out how we could help grow your startup today!

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