How you can get paid to learn?

2 Min Read - By Brian Wong

Quality education can be expensive and not everyone can afford to pay to access it. There are countless of websites that offer free online courses however after doing research, we found out that new, young, aspiring content creators and creatives did not find actual value from it.

What if we told you that you can earn cryptocurrencies while learning about the things you want from industry professionals?

Yes, you heard it right!

Introducing the Continuum app.

Continuum is a free, learn-to-earn social network for education wherein learners and content creators earn cryptocurrency and NFTs by learning (through short-form content), engaging with the community, and growing and improving the network.

You can think of us as Instagram or TikTok catered for education, and owned by the creators and learners on the platform. Our mission is to democratize creative education and pave new pathways to financial freedom through our community-owned platform.

We execute our mission through our learn-to-earn model.

The idea behind the learn-to-earn model is pretty much what the name suggests.

As a user of our app, you earn GEMs for watching content, posting content, bettering yourself, and engaging with the community.  GEMs will be convertible to $UUM tokens in the upcoming months. We are working behind the scenes to make it happen. With these tokens, users are granted utility and governance in the platform; meaning you’ll have a say in the decisions surrounding the product and community.

It’s a win-win situation.

What Can You Learn On Continuum?

There are 28 courses covering a span of topics on our app and we are constantly looking for esteemed content creators to create quality educational content for the community. You can also discovered brand-sponsored content from various web 3 startups.

Here are some mockups of our app!

If you like to see or learn something specific inside our app, feel free to reach out to our team inside our community. We Love speaking to users to better understand how we could further enhance your learning experience.

Start Your Learning Journey With Us Right Now!

Download our app today, self-education requires you to actually get started.

Find out how you can earn $MATIC for participating inside our community here.

Brian Wong
Brian has experience managing communities for web3 startups, DAOs, and NFT collections, leading social media efforts for SMBs, as well as working in film production, and talent management roles. He is based in Singapore.