How you can find a creative mentor in 2023?

By Brian Wong / 2 Min Read

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There are three ways you can employ to find a mentor or a hero (a mentor you don’t personally interact with). This video by The Futur explains the concept of a hero.

Let’s get started with the first strategy you can use to seek a mentor.

1. Social Media

How to find a mentor through social media

If you want to find a mentor through social media, you’re going to have to put yourself in the spaces that your potential mentors might be in. You’re going to want to engage and start conversations in your discipline. This could be responding to the content they make, posting your work, or posting your own thought-provoking questions and comments. Ideally, you want to develop some kind of relationship with your potential mentor before reaching out. When you do reach out, make sure your ask is clear – Are you looking for a quick meeting, portfolio review, advice on a career move, etc?

It’s also important to be courteous of their time. If they are worth being a mentor, they are probably extremely busy.

Two ways to do this

  • don’t ask too much
  • make an effort to be worth mentoring.

Not asking for too much is pretty simple — it’s unlikely someone will want to get on a 2-hour call with you if you do not have anything to offer.

2. A Job

Finding a mentor through your job

Anyone can be a mentor if you open yourself to learning and listening.

If you’ve got a job or are on a team, people genuinely want you to succeed and improve because it makes their lives easier! Utilize the fact that you have a boss or manager that knows more than you.

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3. Learning online.

Finding a mentor through different media

This goes back to the idea of finding heroes. If there’s someone you look up to, start consuming all the media you can about them. Lectures, interviews, books, etc.

There is a wealth of information at your fingertips thanks to the internet!

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