How to structure your portfolio for success in 2023?

By Brian Wong / 2 Min Read

Do you have a portfolio?

The purpose of a portfolio is to showcase your skills and your work to potential clients but how can you build your portfolio without clients or relevant experience? If you are going to school for design, marketing, or studying something related to the creative industry, chances are your school might or might not enforce a need for a portfolio.

I am suggesting you start building your portfolio right now before the start of 2023.

Let’s move on to the actual steps of how you can build your own portfolio!

Determine who is your ideal client.

To build a unique creative portfolio, you will need to identify who is your client.

Find out what kind of stuff you enjoy creating by reflecting on the things you are already doing. Understanding who your client is will help determine the services your client might be looking for and the kinds of stuff potential clients want to see in your portfolio.

Showcase your work online

Start looking at different tools to build out your portfolio however you can start small by sharing your work on various social media platforms. If you are hunting for tools to build your portfolio, try asking other creatives in our community for help.

In our community, we allow creatives to share the stuff that they are working on. Experienced creatives in the community can provide constructive feedback to help others improve their craft.

Utilize briefs available online and share your portfolio in our community.

Update it regularly

Building your portfolio does not stop the moment your work can be found online, you need to update your portfolio regularly to keep things fresh. You should only put up your best work on your portfolio.

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These are the ways you can build your own portfolio in 2023. Every day, new trends and buzzwords emerge. Quit spending time on old resources and adopt tools that actually help accelerate your career forward.

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