How to complete your community profile?

1 Min Read - By Brian Wong

Have you verified yourself in our community?

This article will teach you how to complete your community profile. By filling out your community profile, everyone in the community can get to learn more about you. You can choose from the existing 11 roles to fill up your profile, and if you do not fit into any of the existing categories, please reach out to us on Discord.

What is a community profile?

This is an example of a furnished community profile. You can view your own community profile by clicking your own username inside our community.

How to complete your community profile?

  1. You should choose roles that resonate with you.
  1. Let the community knows your pronouns.
  1. Select the region in which you live.

Special roles in our Community!

In conjunction with the release of the updated version of our app, we will be releasing two brand-new roles in our community: “Learner” and “Creator”. Except for our course creators, all existing members will get the “Learner” role. Our course creators will be assigned the “Creator” role manually.

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Brian Wong
Brian has experience managing communities for web3 startups, DAOs, and NFT collections, leading social media efforts for SMBs, as well as working in film production, and talent management roles. He is based in Singapore.