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A New Way to Learn from Experts

Continuum has launched a new feature, Expert Answers, for users on the app. With this feature, learners can ask questions and view answers provided by experts and brands in video and text formats, making the learning process more interactive and engaging.

With Expert Answers, learners can access expert knowledge in their fields of interest, get answers to their questions, and receive a more comprehensive understanding of a topic. Learners can view the answers at their own pace and can also interact with the creators through the chat function.

This article provides an overview of Continuum‘s Expert Answers and how it works. We will take a look at the steps involved in updating the app and accessing the feature, as well as the benefits of using Expert Answers.

How does Continuum new feature work?

To start using Expert Answers, users need to update the Continuum app to the latest version. For iPhone users, visit the Apple App Store. For Android users, go to the Google Play Store. Search for Continuum and hit the “Update” button if available. Open the app and access the “Discover” page.

On the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a button labeled “Ask Experts”. Click it to view existing questions asked by other learners. You can read these questions, view the answers by experts or brands, and upvote the answers you like.

To ask a question, go to the “experts” section and select the expert you wish to contact. Create a title, ask your question, and select up to 3 related topics. Submit the question and receive a video response from the expert or brand.

To view your questions, click on the “Chat” icon in the top right corner of the screen. You can see all the questions you asked and the video or written answers provided by experts or brands.

Benefits of Expert Answers

Expert Answers offers many benefits to learners, making it a revolutionary feature. It provides learners with access to expert knowledge, improves their learning experience, increases engagement and interaction, and offers fast response time.

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Access to Knowledge on your mobile phone

Expert Answers offers learners a direct connection to experts and brands for answers to their questions.

Learners no longer have to solely rely on course materials!

Improving Learning Experience

Expert Answers offers personalized responses to learners’ questions and the content. Video format helps learners better understand complex topics by hearing and seeing the information. Plus, with the video format makes the learning process more engaging and interactive.

Increasing Engagement & Interaction

Continuum’s new feature will encourages engagement and interaction between learners and experts, leading to a deeper understanding of the subject matter and building a community of learners.

This new feature will change the way we learn.

Download the latest version of Continuum’s app and give it a try!

What’s Continuum

Continuum is a global vocation school for the next generation of digital workers. Through our web and mobile apps we provide free, actionable education to aspiring digital workers, primarily in developing countries.

Continuum’s Mission

Our mission is to become the go-to global vocational ecosystem for the next generations of global citizens and digital workers.

Continuum’s Vision

At Continuum, we believe that building the obvious future includes creating a world where education is not only free, but people are paid to learn.

We recognize that an educated populace is essential for a more equitable, safe, and thriving global society. Thus, it is in the best interest of our society to prioritize education for all. Removing the financial barriers to entry is the first step.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for experts?

Hit “Discover”, and search for the specific experts by their username or select experts on the video answer page.

Can I cancel my request?

After hitting submit, you cannot cancel request, but it will remain unanswered if the experts won’t respond to you.

How can I make money using Continuum Expert Answer?

Experts on Continuum will soon be able to charge learners for asking them questions. We see it as a way for experts to monetize their DMs. Experts can set their own price, but we have a pricing guidance to help experts generate more income.

If you are interested to become an expert on Continuum, fill this form up.

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