Do you have a professional presence online?

By Brian Wong / 5 Min Read

While Covid 19 might prove to be the catalyst for freelancers to take their online professional presence more seriously, individuals already worked on it prior to the pandemic hence going digital isn’t a new concept for many freelancers.

In order to stay competitive, freelancers must establish their digital presence or risk becoming obsolete. Freelancers could only rely on word-of-mouth for so long.

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What does it mean to be a freelancer?

Doing freelance work is business, If a business isn’t online, they don’t exist.

The digital landscape of today requires more than just being online to succeed. Since digital trends are continuously evolving, all freelancers should invest in their own digital professional presence in order to remain relevant and grow their businesses.

Analyze the digital landscape as it evolves

With Web3 being developed by numerous startups, a new generation of web technologies will soon transform the digital space. Social media platforms are also rapidly changing. From Facebook to Instagram to TikTok, freelancers have used them all.

Freelancers and businesses will soon adopt new digital platforms.

In order to determine the effectiveness of a digital marketing platform, freelancers should try different platforms along with well-planned strategies to improve their business.

2 main factors to consider when building a professional presence online.

There are many factors freelancers need to consider when building their professional presence.


Freelancers have a wide variety of social media platforms to choose from, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. An omnichannel digital marketing strategy can be helpful for freelancers, but since they are typically one-person businesses, it can be difficult.

An omnichannel digital marketing strategy works across all relevant channels and touchpoints to improve customer experience and build stronger relationships.

Generally speaking, businesses should build a presence on one channel before considering going cross-channel. This ensures that they are focused on building a strong yet robust digital professional presence online.

Freelancers are also strongly suggested to create their own personal websites and newsletters.


Different niches and markets bring many types of freelancers. Content is a part of the strategy portion where freelancers have to experiment.

Freelancers should research their ideal customers to determine what kind of content will resonate with them. Additionally, the format of the content will influence its effectiveness, and the format is also dependent on the platform.

Depending on the type of business, a Facebook post can get over 100 shares within a few minutes if the right image and caption are used. Using another example, a different kind of business could reach more people with a TikTok video.

There are other factors freelancers should also consider when building their digital professional presence however these are the 2 factors freelancers should consider when starting to build their professional presence online.

As freelancers are skilled at creating a digital presence, they might also be hired to help businesses establish a digital presence.

How freelancers can start building their online professional presence?

Although building a digital professional presence is important, freelancers can also learn how to build their own professional presence. By learning these skills, a freelancer can enhance their digital presence and increase their clientele.

For freelancers, reading materials created by current professionals is essential.

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Continuum’s courses are delivered by industry veterans who possess decades worth of experience that are working in the creative, digital marketing, product, and business industry.

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Freelancers should recognize that upskilling is essential and learning does not have to be expensive or get taken away from their work for an extended period of time.

We eliminate these concerns by giving learners the flexibility to complete courses on their own time and for free. Furthermore, learners are able to earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs by completing courses available on our platforms remotely.

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Freelancers can find success in today’s digitally native market if they have the right digital skills to keep up with evolving trends and take advantage of new opportunities.

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