Discover 25 creative and web3 positions in 25 days.

2 Min Read - By Brian Wong

We are thrilled to announced that we are launching our new blog series. Over the next 25 days, we will be taking an in-depth look into the world of creative and Web3 positions.

From content creators to blockchain developers, and even smart contract developers and decentralised finance (DeFi) engineers. We will be uncovering the details and intricacies of 25 different roles in this rapidly growing industry.

What’s Continuum

Continuum is a global vocation school for the next generation of digital workers. Through our web and mobile apps we provide free, actionable education to young learners, primarily in developing countries.

Continuum’s Mission

Our mission is to become the go-to global vocational ecosystem for the next generations of global citizens and digital workers.

Continuum’s Vision

At Continuum, we believe building the obvious future includes creating a world where education is not only free but people are paid to learn. We recognize that an educated populace is essential for a more equitable, safe, and thriving global society. Thus, it is in the best interest of our society to prioritize education for all. Removing the financial barriers to entry is the first step.

The creative and web3 space

The creative and web3 space is continuously changing, and with these changes come new job opportunities. As blockchain technology continues to develop and grow, the demand for experienced professionals in this space is only increasing. This means, designers and developers who understand the unique challenges of designing for web3 platforms are in high demand.

What you should know about our series

Our series will not only give our readers an in-depth look into each role. We will also be providing them with valuable tips on how to land these jobs. From the skills required for each position to the most effective ways to showcase your experience. We will be providing our readers with the vital information they need to take the next step in their career.

We will start off our series by discussing the role of a content creator. After that, we will move on to look at roles such as graphic designers, web designers, video editors, and more.

We sincerely hope that you join us as we explore the many opportunities available in the creative and web3 space. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates on when the next post will be published. Don’t hesitate to reach out if there is a specific role or topic that you would like us to cover.

Get ready to take the first step towards your dream job in the creative and web3 space. Make sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming posts in our series. We are confident that with the right information and resources, you’ll be able to successfully land the job of your dreams!

Happy reading!

Brian Wong
Brian has experience managing communities for web3 startups, DAOs, and NFT collections, leading social media efforts for SMBs, as well as working in film production, and talent management roles. He is based in Singapore.