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Did you attend Token 2049 in Singapore in September?

Our founder, Jason, and Brian, who manages our community, attended Token 2049 last month. It was reported that Token 2049 was the largest in-person Web 3 conference to date. The agenda for the event days were packed with valuable keynotes & opportunities to network with other attendees at the event.

During the conference at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, they visited booths run by Web3 companies to learn what people are building and to offer help to startup founders. Due to time constraints, they were unable to take in any keynotes or talks, but if you are interested. You can click here to check out the entire list of speakers who spoke at Token 2049.

Jason and Brian managed to attend a few side events as well as an investor-hosted event. They also hosted our 2nd in-person event with Anthony. A web-3 professional with many ties to the local community in Singapore. He is currently studying at Singapore Management University. These students are from the Singapore Management University’s blockchain club.

If you are part of an organisation and you are looking for speakers. Feel free to invite us by writing us an email here.

As part of the event, Jason explained Effective Altruism and how it relates to Web3. He also shared actionable tips and valuable resources that can support the students. Many interesting questions were also asked at the end of the event. We are happy to meet employees from Long Hash Ventures, Xctuality, AIA, and a founder from a web3 incubator.

How Token 2049 is different from NFT NYC.

If you were following us back in June, you know that Continuum’s 1st in-person event was held during NFT NYC.

You can check out our event photos here.

Disclaimer: Jamey and Brian did not attend the actual conference for NFT NYC. They visited several side events that were held by web 3 startups in New York City.

Token 2049 is a different experience than NFT NYC. Being able to attend the conference at a world-class convention center while having opportunities to network with other attendees within reach is certainly preferable.

What’s next?

Continuum is happy to get connected with people from (list the organizations that we connected with during the event). Our team will be attending future web 3 conferences to get connected with different founders and startups to help founders and startups interested in getting their products into the hands of creatives.

Continuum can help your startup succeed if you missed us in person at Token 2049 and would like to find out what we can do for your brand. Schedule a call with us here.

P.S ~ We are currently in Hanoi, Vietnam for Vietnam Blockchain Summit!

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