Continuum Earns Recognition from Leading B2B Review Platform

By Brian Wong / 3 Min Read

Continuum recently received a Rising Star Award from a prominent B2B review platform for its innovative products.

FinancesOnline, a leading software review platform today, recently presented Continuum with a Rising Star Award, acknowledging our product’s rising user base and growing popularity. The accolade is given to new business software brands that have earned market validation over a short period.

Besides Continuum’s emerging popularity and positive social media mentions, FinancesOnline recognized the solution’s robust features and noteworthy performance as a marketing software. Expert reviewers also conducted an extensive Continuum review and determined that it helps companies acquire new users (digital professionals) through educational content on Continuum.

Continuum’s updated website.

In their evaluation, software specialists analyzed each of the primary features Continuum provides its clients. The review highlighted our key capabilities, including our Web3-based platform and community, the learning model, and students’ opportunity for ownership. 

Continuum receives the Rising Star Award for its innovative marketing software

As a marketing platform, FinancesOnline lauded Continuum’s Web3-based platform and community that lets startups, organizations, and brands engage, educate, and retain prospects or customers anytime. In addition, Continuum can assist freelancers, content creators, and crypto enthusiasts in utilising and comprehending Web3 products better and strengthening their skills and knowledge in their profession.

What makes Continuum’s Web3-based platform and community unique

Moreover, startups can share and publish relevant and easy-to-digest educational content via Continuum’s website, mobile app, or its community. Continuum educational content contains lessons or courses with slides, carousels, and short videos related to the startups’ products or services. Each courses on Continuum rewards users with NFT directly to their wallets. These features enable the startups to gain more leads, enrich student’ learning experiences, and offer them top-quality support at a reduced cost. 

Besides the Web3-based platform, the expert reviewers praised Continuum’s learning model that rewards learners for taking lessons and courses plus interacting with other users to help them succeed. In addition, learners can receive achievement badges (NFTs) and gems which they can convert into currencies such as UMMs, or other digital tokens in the future.

Continuum’s learning model rewards learners for taking lessons and courses

In addition, the report mentioned the students’ opportunity for ownership and governance over Continuum’s platform based on their contributions and accomplishments. Therefore, users have a say in the decisions impacting the community. 

Students’ opportunity for ownership: How Continuum gives users a say in the decisions impacting the community

With billions of people online today, it is no wonder that the demand for marketing solutions is growing. A report estimates the global marketing software market will reach $181 billion by 2030. That’s a compound annual growth rate of 14.1% from 2021. 

Given Continuum’s cutting-edge features and capabilities, the tool is becoming one of the sector’s popular marketing software. In addition, all of its exceptional qualities are what review platforms look for on their list of top marketing software today. 

Continuum: A top marketing software for startups, organizations, and brands

We would like to thank FinancesOnline for acknowledging our hard work. Accolades from prominent organizations such as this motivate us to provide unique marketing tools better. 

We also thank our steadfast customers who entrusted us with their social learning and marketing management needs. Rest assured that we will never cease to deliver top-class features and services in the future. We look forward to more decades of collaborating with you. 

If you are interested in learning more about Continuum’s product for your startup, please reach out via email to Continuum.