Challenge traditional education with these 11 web3 learn-to-earn platforms.

By Brian Wong / 3 Min Read


Speaking of fun, one of the most appealing aspects of the web3 world is the opportunity to get paid while learning more about web3 technologies. Web 2 has created many opportunities that wouldn’t have existed otherwise, and web3 will provide even more. If you’re hoping to work in web3, the only thing left to do is to identify or refine your skills. 

Of course, it’s natural to wonder where to begin when learning about web3 and blockchain technology.

You can begin learning about crypto and web3 by checking out these 11 learn-to-earn platforms:

  1. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is essentially watching videos, completing quizzes, and earning crypto assets. 

If users watch educational videos about a crypto project, take the quiz, and complete additional tasks (if applicable), they will receive predetermined amounts of tokens in the project’s cryptocurrency.

  1. Rabbithole 

With Rabbithole, users learn new skills and perform tasks for rewards. Taking part in quests becomes more accessible as they complete skills. Each skill prepares them for a role in the web3 economy. All on-chain activities earn tokens. 

  1. Metacrafters 

Metacrafters is a project by Proof of Learn, designed as a learn-to-earn educational game to teach users how to develop smart contracts. The game combines history and lore with blockchain. Metacrafters’ parent company, Proof of Learn, is a Web3 education platform that rewards students for learning, mentoring, and upskilling. 

  1. Metacademy

This Learn-to-Earn platform allows its users to practice blockchain and crypto in a safe and secure environment. Users find out how the blockchain works, how crypto is sent, how NFTs are minted, and much more. All learning will earn badges that can be redeemed for real-world NFTs.

  1. Underknown 

Underknown believes the future of learning is in the metaverse. They aim to make education enjoyable, accessible and rewarding for everyone. Users can earn tokenized rewards in real-time by completing assignments and courses.

  1. Pointer

On Pointer, users can earn crypto rewards and start learning the skills for the web3 programming economy to get paid while they learn. Interactive tutorials teach users how to build and deploy full-stack web3 apps. Get equipped with web3 skills and win cool NFTs or $MATIC.

  1. Layer3

In addition to teaching students about web3, Layer3 offers fun games and bounties like a daily Crypto Jeopardy. Through bounty programs, contests, and projects, Layer3 allows users to develop their web3 skills.

  1. StackUp

StackUp rewards developers for their time while enabling them to grow, level up, and connect with a global developer community. Become familiar with crypto technologies by completing challenges and quests. The live streams on StackUp help users level up their skills as developers. 

  1. Binance Academy 

Binance enables users to earn free crypto through learning about the space. The goal is to develop blockchain knowledge, complete quizzes, and earn free crypto. Users can earn tokens like: $BUSD, $SHIB, $XTZ, $IMX, $MULTI, $ALPINE, $WOO, $ONE, $LUNA, $POLS, $QTUM, $ANKR, $COTI

  1. Chain Debrief

Chain Debrief firmly believe that crypto will fundamentally change the way the world works in the future. That’s why they aim to inform, educate, and connect the global investment community through their crypto guides, news, analyses, and opinion pieces.

  1. Continuum

Continuum is a web3 learn-to-earn platform specifically for helping creatives while earning crypto rewards for learning. Courses are free, and users can learn in-demand digital skills from industry experts. It’s a curated feed of short-form content, and users earn crypto rewards for watching content, taking quizzes, and engaging with the community.

This is just a tiny snapshot of the many learn-to-earn opportunities in web3 today. 

As the Internet evolves, the possibility of financial freedom will increase exponentially, and you will have the opportunity to earn a living online more easily than ever before. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll be learning and earning in no time if you take advantage of the opportunities available. 

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