All You Need to Know about Blockchain-based Marketing

By Brian Wong / 2 Min Read

Blockchain-based (or web3) Marketing is a rapidly growing trend in the digital marketing industry. It leverages blockchain and other Web3 technologies to create new ways of reaching and engaging customers.

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of blockchain-based Marketing. We’ll also discuss its benefits for businesses and how early-stage startups can use Continuum to grow their businesses.

What is Blockchain-based Marketing?

Blockchain-based Marketing harnesses the power of Web3 technologies to reach and engage with customers. This means that advertising activities a company performed are available publicly on the blockchain.

How Can Businesses Leverage Blockchain-based Marketing?

One way businesses can leverage the technology is by using social media DApps like Continuum or Blaze. These DApps can help businesses attract and engage new customers by utilising the latest strategies. By doing so, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and reap the benefits.

How Web3 Helps in Digital Marketing?

The technology has significant implications for digital marketing. By eliminating intermediaries, businesses can reach their customers directly, without having to pay fees to third parties.

In addition, the technology enables businesses to create more personalised experiences for their customers. For example, by leveraging data from the blockchain, businesses can tailor their campaigns to individual customers’ interests and preferences.

Why Early-Stage Startups Should Choose Continuum?

Continuum is a marketing platform that uses education to help startups acquire new users and grow cost-effectively. Early-stage startups can use Continuum’s Web3 marketing platform to create courses related to their products or services. These courses are then distributed across Continuum’s ecosystem of digital workers.

This approach can help startups attract new users and customers. Whenever someone completes a course on Continuum, the user is rewarded with a unique NFT. This allows the startup to retarget users who completed the course on Continuum or their website. They can also drive traffic to their website by adding a call to action at the end of each course.

Blockchain-based marketing is the future of digital advertising, and businesses that leverage this technology can gain a competitive advantage. Continuum has a track record of helping web3 startups reach new users at a cost of $0.20 each. If you’re interested in how Continuum can help you grow your business, fill up this form to learn more.