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3 Min Read - By Brian Wong

Today, we are officially launching our course on MetaBeat Foundation and its platform. We have worked with the MetaBeat team to create a course that onboard new users to their community. The course will go through what you need to know about MetaBeat and the utilities of their token – $BEAT.

What is MetaBeat Foundation?

MetaBeat is a new Fan-to-Earn music NFT-FI platform that combines rewards and social engagement with 4,000 KPOP music IPs. There are many things you can do to receive rewards and grow with the success of your favorite artists.

Through MetaBeat’s novel NFT model, music IP is transformed into real assets, enriched with rewards, enabling a new paradigm of fan communities.

MetaBeat Foundation’s Roadmap

MetaBeat listed its token – $BEAT on Kucoin yesterday. Kucoin has an excellent community, and with their support, MetaBeat is starting off on the right foot.

Give them some love on their token listing announcement –

In the upcoming week, MetaBeat will also participate in ByVote. Through ByVotes, ByBit users can vote for their favorite projects to be listed on the platform. As a reward for voting for the winning project, users will share total trading fees from the first two weeks following the winning project’s listing.

Check out this Tweet by MetaBeat

MetaBeat’s app will go live very soon however before building out more features on the app, they will increase their brand exposure during the beta phase of their launch.

What’s inside the course?

There are 5 lessons inside the MetaBeat course on our app. These lessons are: “The MetaBeat Platform”, “Drop”, “Mingle”, “Shout Out” and “$BEAT Utilities”. Through these lessons, we break down what MetaBeat is building and test your understanding after the entire course.

Complete MetaBeat’s course on our app and earn some $BEATs right now!

MetaBeat Foundation FAQs

What is a MetaBeat?

The MetaBeat platform is built around NFT creations, participants, and rewards related to an artist’s intellectual property (IP).

As NFT creations and users grow on the platform, partnerships between creators or artists and fans are strengthened through positive symbiotic experiences facilitated by the MetaBeat ecosystem that reflect the values ​​and contributions of users in the MetaBeat community.

Participants will have a special experience of being rewarded with Beat, a token of MetaBeat, through three business models: Drops, Mingle, and Shout-out, and further contribute to the revival of the entertainment industry.

What is FANomance Index?

MetaBeat created the FANomance Index.

The FANomance Index is a customized index uniquely designed by MetaBeat, based on key criteria of artists and fan community performance.

Though simple, the index represents MetaBeat’s philosophy that lies in the shared distribution of a value system.

The index criteria include:

1. Commitment to Hold and Stake
2. Performance data gathered from social media buzz on artists
3. Performance data gathered from ShoutOut Fandom buzz on the platform

Where can I find MetaBeat’s whitepaper?

You can read MetaBeat’s whitepaper here.

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