5 ways you can build in-demand skills in 2023

3 Min Read - By Brian Wong

Do you have a dream job? What are the skills you need to get that job?

Identify the skills you need for the job by answering these two questions. If you want to land your dream job, you need to possess the necessary skills, but you might not know how to go about developing them.

We come bearing 5 easy ways you can start building the skills you need in 2023.

  1. E-Learning

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Find out how you can get paid while learning here. We also covered other educational platforms in our previous articles.

  1. Take up internships

Research applicable internships and apply for them!

When you intern at a company, you will most likely start off shadowing a senior colleague with the right skills. Ask them for tips as it will be beneficial for your career. You should ask to work alongside them on a project, having an internship is a great way to learn on the job.

There are many ways you can seek internships, we might write an article on how you can find internships in the web 3 space.

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We created a channel inside our community where we share different remote jobs that might help creatives and freelancers like you secure an internship in 2023.

  1. Read, read and read

Reading allows us to connect ideas to what we already know. Take your pick between physical books, online articles, or Twitter threads. There are many more options but to share a little, I read plenty of Medium articles and newsletters that interest me. I usually highlight key points from the articles to refer back to later and research points that confused me.

In addition to learning new vocabulary, reading has helped me improve my writing. Try reading the other articles we published on our blog!

  1. Attend events

Listening to important talks at different events could help build your desired skills too. Speakers could potentially go over strategies to get your dream job, problems a person might face while doing that job, or other relevant points that you should know about it. Events are not only about talks, you get to be a part of a community and meet people who attend them. These events are aimed at groups of people with the same interests.

We hosted 2 in-real-life events in 2022 and we hope to be granted the opportunity to hold more of these events in 2023.

  1. Ask for feedback

If you are working right now, you could ask your manager for feedback. You can discuss the skills you currently possess and find out what you can do to level up. Your manager could give you specific and personalized feedback on routes you can build the skills you need. If you currently studying, speak to your lecturers and let them know about your dream job.

Asking for feedback is a good move to know what you need to do to accelerate forward.

Everyone has a different skill set and it all comes down to their interests and natural abilities. When you practice a specific skill for an extended period of time, it’s likely you will progress forward. Taking time to improve your skills can help you achieve your other personal goals.

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Brian Wong
Brian has experience managing communities for web3 startups, DAOs, and NFT collections, leading social media efforts for SMBs, as well as working in film production, and talent management roles. He is based in Singapore.