5 tools to build your creative portfolio in 2023

By Brian Wong / 2 Min Read

Have you started working on your portfolio for the upcoming year?

Previously, we shared 4 easy-to-follow steps on how you can structure your portfolio for success without clients or real-life experience. If you have not read that article, you can read it here.

To help you showcase your work online, we are sharing 5 tools with you today. These days, there are dozen of website builders, freelance platforms, and social media platforms on that you can build your portfolio.

Access an exhaustive list of no-code tools where you can build your portfolio inside our app through our portfolio websites course.

  1. Webflow

Webflow is highly customizable and powerful. To ease their product’s high learning curve, Webflow offers a variety of templates as well as great tutorials.

Who knows, we probably might do a Webflow course in the future too.

  1. Squarespace

Squarespace is another awesome tool, you should check out! However, if you are looking to do more complex customization to your website you will need to know CSS to operate Squarespace. Some creatives find Squarespace’s highly structured builder to be annoying.

  1. Wix

I am sure you’ve heard of Wix!

There are ads on Youtube videos (it might just be targeted to me) but if you are looking for a portfolio builder that has a free-form editor, you should give Wix a shot. The one downside that you should be aware of is Wix free plan can be limiting to some of you.

  1. Editor X

Editor X is another no-code portfolio builder you should consider. Using Editor X, you can customize your portfolio freely. Remember to access their good collection of tutorials to figure the program out.

  1. Super.so

Have you used Notion?

You can create a website with Super.so by integrating it with Notion, that’s what I did with my own portfolio! Super.so is relatively more simple than the other 4 tools mentioned in this article. You can further customize your website with CSS inside of Super.so

There are so many disparate ways creatives are presenting their work online. Go try out the different tools we shared in today’s article and remember to download our app to get another exhaustive list of easy-to-use tools to build your portfolio

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An on-chain portfolio is also becoming a thing, we are doing the research before creating an article that explains how an on-chain portfolio works in a Web 3 setting. We reward soul-bound NFTs to learners when they complete a course on our app, these soul-bound NFTs can be used to showcase your skills on the chain.

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