5 reasons why you should join Continuum’s community before 2023

By Brian Wong / 4 Min Read

There are only a few days left in 2022. We have seen a tremendous growth in our community over the past year.

This year, we held many virtual events, organised 3 in-person events, and used our existing social media channels to connect with more people.

You will find 5 reasons to join Continuum’s community in this article.

What’s Continuum?

Continuum is the free, learn-to-earn social network for education where you and your friends are able to earn cryptocurrency & NFTs by learning on our platform, engaging with the community, growing and improving the network.

On the 13th of September this year, we launch our full-featured app on Product Hunt and gotten positive feedback. We got the title: #1 Product of the Day after our launch. We cannot do this without our existing community of learners, freelancers, content creators, startup founders, investors, degens, and crypto enthusiasts.

Continuum’s roadmap for 2023

We have several exciting things planned for 2023, this include launching our token: UUM, updating our creator dashboard, onboarding more creators to generate more courses for the community and updating our ambassador program.

You can find our full roadmap via this link.

We will be updating the link in June of 2023, do bookmark the link or join our community to receive updates on our development.

Currently, we are working on a newsletter, and if you’re interested in receiving regular updates from us, please click this link and subscribe to it.

Let’s start off with the 1st reason why you should join our community.

Grow with other young professionals

Our community are filled with learners, freelancers, content creators, startup founders, and students. We have dedicated channels where our community can hunt for new jobs, discuss about their professional lives, and share resources to grow.

Trying out freelancing for the first time? Ask our community members for tips and advice.

Taken one of our courses on our app and have questions about the materials? Get in touch with the creator inside our community or ask a member for help.

We want to nurture the next generation of remote workers through our platform and community. If you have any ideas on how we can help, please feel free to share them.

Receive regular updates on Continuum

Our team post regular announcements inside our community.

These announcements can be new events we are hosting, product updates, general updates, issues we have solved, our progress, partnerships announcement, new courses, and community updates.

We will announce all new updates in our community before they are shared on any other social media platforms.

Read the latest announcement by clicking here.

A place for you to belong

We are a global community of motivated individuals who are eager to learn more about the digital economy.

Several members of our community have been discussing new tools that could be helpful to freelancers and remote workers in their careers, which has prompted conversations from new members as well.

Our community accepts everyone from all walks of life, be empowered to share your thoughts with our community.

Get constructive feedback on your work

If you have just started working as a freelancer, you might be interested in feedback on how to improve your skills.

As part of our fair community guidelines, new freelancers can receive constructive criticism on their work from our fellow community members.

Respect is one of our core community values. Don’t be afraid to share your work within our community and watch how different members react to your work.

Find new friends before 2023

There are currently 2.8K members in our community! Think about how many people that is.

It can be lonely at times to be a remote worker. To find new digital friends, you can introduce yourself inside our community and state what you are looking for. There’s even a possibility that someone in our community lives in your city and you can get rewarded for creating a in-person meetup.

Find out more about this by joining our ambassador program.

Tell me more about Continuum

Currently, we are exploring the idea of creating a Telegram community for community members who prefer Telegram. We are also considering various web3 community platforms which we can utilise.

Continuum puts the community first. There may be more than 5 reasons why our members wish to join our community, but everyone’s reasons for joining a community are unique.

We invite you to join our community to find out what makes you stay.

Click this link to join the community today.