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Contribute to our community-owned platform and help advance our mission by sharing about Continuum.

Continuum's Ambassador Program
Whether you’re a creator, marketer, or fellow web3 maxi,we’d love to have you as an ambassador!

How you can spread the word about what we’re doing

(but feel free to get creative!)
Walk people through the Continuum app
Share a roundup of your favorite Continuum courses
Summarize a course into Twitter Threads, Instagram Reel, Long-form detailed articles on various platforms, or TikTok videos
Identifying partnerships opportunities for the Continuum’s community
Curate quality resources that are beneficial to the Continuum’s community*
Host an event in our community according to our guidelines*
Create personalized learning materials for our community

A few things we’re not aligned with

Anything unethical
Anything that doesn’t fit our brand’s goal of democratizing education and providing opportunity and access.
Inviting people who don't align with the profile - E.g (highly earn-driven indivuals)
Copyright infringement.
Remarks on token/price speculations


Why should you participate?
How does Continuum payout to its ambassadors?
How much is $MATIC worth?
Does everyone who applies gets approved?
Are on-chain credentials offered to ambassadors?
Have more questions?

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