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Short-form video and carousel content that earns rewards and NFTs.
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How it works

Scroll through a curated feed of actionable shortform content to level up your skill set.

As you take courses, post content, grow your knowledge, and engage in the community, you earn crypto and NFT rewards.

NFT reward

Think of your favorite social media app, but tailored specifically to help you learn whatever interests you.

And instead of paying to access the best educational resources, you get paid.

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Why use

Discover educational content that’s actually useful from the best creators and professionals across a wide range of topics.
Knowledge and power. The tokens you earn from learning in-app allow access to opportunities for ownership and residual income over time.
Join a global community of creatives, professionals, and hobbyists to learn alongside.


Free, actionable content on design, marketing, business, and more.

Our Mission

Continuum’s mission is to democratize education and create new pathways to financial freedom through the pixelated economy.

Welcome to the future of income, work, and ownership.

For Creators

Author actionable short-form content for your own audience of learners, followers and fans.

Partner with brands on our platform, and sell fractional ownership of your content as NFTs minted on our platform. Crowd fund, bring on investors or sell your content outright.

Continuum for creators
Continuum for learners

For Learners

Get paid to scroll through a curated feed of actionable shortform content to level up your skill set.

Earn achievements and rewards, track your progress and receive NFT certificates of completion.